Donna Lou Stevens - Older Ladies Song
Donna Lou Stevens - Older Ladies Song


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Closer Than Near Available for Purchase HERE
Also available on iTunes and CD baby

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Autographed hard copies of CD available for $15.99 + shipping (17.99) upon request.

About Closer Than Near  

see url “This project started when I was driving home from a meditation group in Eugene OR. It struck me like a lightning bolt that I was supposed to record a CD that I was to use my own voice to sing my original songs. GULP! It was clearly indicated that I was to record the album in Austin with my fabulously talented friend, Jimmy George.  

writing french essays I didn’t have hardly two cents to my name, much less the cash to make a CD, but the message was so strong, I knew I had to follow it. GULP! I called Jimmy and he was excited about the project. He had wanted to make my record for a long time. He offered to do it for a fraction of what he’s worth and inquired if I had the money before he booked up that much of his time on his busy calendar. I said no, but I knew it would come and asked him to trust me. I took some deep breaths and booked my ticket right then and there. DOUBLE GULP!!! Not long after, I got an idea to send an e-mail to all my friends telling them I was finally recording some of my songs and asked if anyone wanted to sponsor one. ”

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click Because of the following list of people who believed in my dream, this CD was made possible:  

thesis binding holloway road Charles Bamforth, Daniel Belioca, Mary Faloon, Laura Disterhof, Bethlyn Gerard, Diana and Jim George, Jimmy George, Rich Glauber, Andy Gray, Timothy Harrow, Debra, Paul and Kirsten Keppo, Eric Kloor, Deb and Paul McGuire, Jeff Parrett, Val and Veronica Rasmussen, Roman Rivas and Tanya Schumsky, Cathy and Alice Stevens, Jesse Tannehill

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  1. get link I love your music, and your videos on You Tube! I’m a single older lady, and a disabled veteran. I don’t get out much, my social life consists of trips to the VA doctors to try to get my medical issues under control. Obviously I enjoy a good giggle! I just sat and grinned like a fool while watching “Older Ladies”.

  2. enter I just Hurd your song older ladies on Facebook I lover the song, it fits me well, can’t wait to hear more from you, I love your music so far keep it up.

  3. enter I love your “Older ladies” music video. I’m 26 and you have shed infinite wisdom and joy through your video. It helps me be more positive about aging. Greetings from Puerto Rico! (US territory)

  4. I love “Older Ladies”! A bunch of us gals want to do it at our local open mic in answer to the guys that sing “We don’t look good naked anymore”. I tried to purchase the music on and tried to find lyrics and chords. Finally got the chords but not the words. I’ll listen and write them down. Glad your song is such a success! Hope we do it justice!

  5. I am an old man and you have given my life new purpose and direction, enlightenment and engagement…older ladies…. who knew…… and they are so grateful……. and I’m simply worn out but after enlightenment I now know it’s kharma

  6. Hi, Donnalou! Wanted to tell you that as a 62-year-old “hot chick” myself, your “Older Ladies” video was BRILLIANT and made me laugh out loud this morning! How delightful it is and so are you! Love you, girlfriend!!!! <3

  7. Love your song, “Older Ladies”. Congratulations. Would you please let me know how I might purchase the sheet music? Thanks.

  8. The lyrics of “Older Lady” are first-rate! They rank right up their with those of master parodists like Al Yankovic. I work up popular songs for a guitar group at a senior center and this one jumped to the top of my “to-do” list. Thanks!

  9. I love Older Ladies are Devine. I am 83 years old. That’s me! I have some ideas about a song, but am not a song writer. Please contact me and I will give you my ideas and all rights to my possible song.

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