Donna Lou Stevens - Older Ladies Song
Donna Lou Stevens - Older Ladies Song


America's Got Talent Audition

Hello my beautiful community! I have lots of people ask me how the audition for America’s Got Talent Show went last Saturday, so here goes! BEFORE THE STORY THOUGH, HERE’S WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW… OLDER LADIES ORIGINAL COMING! On Valentine’s Day, I am going to release the original, ’Living Room’ version of ‘Older Ladies’ along with… Read More »


A woman I used to live with put up a sign in our kitchen that read ‘The less time I have, the slower I go.” I didn’t think much of it at the time; she had affirmations all over the house and after awhile, they all kind of blended together in a mushy goo of… Read More »

New Year’s Evolutions

I work with words all the time and recognize the potency of them. One of my favorite things is when words, whose meaning I have always taken page for granted, all of a sudden reveal a deeper significance. My response to that is always the same, “Duh! How could I have possibly not seen that… Read More »

Divinity in Disguise

Many people, when I told them I was going on retreat last November, sent me a private message and asked me what kind of retreat I was attending and with whom. This is the story. There is a beautiful video at the end where I am featured talking about my experience with Igor Kufayev if… Read More »

Protected: BIG Bandera Bash

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Story of ‘If I Were Enlightened

Creating the song ‘If I were Enlightened’ was quite the journey! I wrote it many years ago when my Texan upbringing was being shaken with a good does of California New Age spirituality. Bless my gullible heart; I use to try anything to relieve the chronic pain I felt in my body and the emptiness… Read More »

Tutu Kind

Shortly after launching ‘Older Ladies’ in June of 2014, a single mom in San Angelo TX raising two teen age boys by making tutus (yep, tutus!) sent me the sweetest letter of appreciation. In it, she told me I had deeply touched her and she offered to do what she could to help me spread… Read More »

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