Donna Lou Stevens - Older Ladies Song
Donna Lou Stevens - Older Ladies Song


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i_open_my_heart_to_clarity_and_direction  i_have_the_power_and_ability_to_heal_myself_and_others  i_have_always_been_present_and_focused

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all_my_thoughts_are_born_of_light  2seeds_of_love  everything_i_touch_turns_to_magic

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8 thoughts on “Art”

  1. Beautiful art, amazing music. Thank you for being you. I’m in the process of coming undone myself. I divorced an alcoholic husband after 20 years of marriage and then recently my boyfriend of the last 12 years broke up with me because I’m too old (52 years) and who’s going to take care of him so I tried dating 18-20 something’s (he’s 47). That didn’t work for him. Worked great for me because I’m happy being me now and not having to take care of him.

  2. Just watched your “older ladies” video. As I sit at my desk on a cold and rainy day in NW Alaska, this warms my soul. Love your art!

  3. A friend in Spain posted your older ladies dvd. I am english as she is but spend a few months in Spain for health reasons!! Its Brilliant, i love it, you are sooooo talented, cant get the words out of my head and now i have found if i were enlightened, love it, thank you for brightening my day xxx keep up your hard work xx

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