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typo on college essay I have lots of people ask me how the audition for America’s Got Talent Show went last Saturday, so here goes!

custom research papers writing service BEFORE THE STORY THOUGH, HERE’S WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW…

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source url OLDER LADIES ORIGINAL COMING! On Valentine’s Day, I am going to release the original, ’Living Room’ version of ‘Older Ladies’ along with the story of how ‘Older Ladies’ came about. Stay tuned!

click here IF I WERE ENLIGHTENED – After two false starts and the loss of 10,000 views, the final version of ‘If I Were Enlightened’ is up on my youtube channel. I decided not to push it during the holidays, but feel enough time has passed to ask for your support in breathing a little life back into its sails. If you would be so kind as to like and share it again from this link, I sure would appreciate it. AND, I have a new blog below this one called the ‘Wrath of Rushing’ sharing the powerful lesson I learned from that experience.Buddha Final 2 12:14 NEW SONG! – I just recorded ‘Do You Think That You Can Love Me Like My Dog Does?’ in Austin with my dear and talented friend, Jimmy George at his studio, The Roost. I wanted the song to have a country swing, danceable feel to it, so guess what? Jimmy got the guys that used to play with Willy Nelson to do the music and it sounds FANTASTIC! I would like to find a sponsor rather than do another crowd funding campaign at this point, but we’ll see. If anyone has any ideas, shoot them my way, please! CREATIVITY-1-OH-FUN – I have a webinar coming up in March called Creativity-1-OH-FUN. It is a reward I offered in my ‘Enlightened’ Kickstarter campaign. I’ll let you know how that goes. I might do another one for the public! MERRY & OKAY INNER BEAUTY PRODUCTS – If you haven’t seen this silly parody about inner beauty, make sure you watch it.

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career vision + mba essay BEST FRIENDS FOREVER – Keep your eye out also for a little video I shot recently which is a conversation of hand puppets between two best friends. I made it for a man I am dating and fell in love with the little characters. I may turn into a weekly Youtube show called “Best Friends Forever” if people like it. Be sure to like it and leave your comments on my youtube channel! And NOW, the AGT AUDITION STORY! Have you ever been so nervous, your thought your guts were going to come out of your throat and land on the floor? Welcome to my world last Saturday!

gcse maths coursework mayfield If ever there was a comedy of errors, it would have been last saturday when literally thousands of performers, accompanied by their friends and families, gathered to see if they have what it takes to go on to the LA auditions of America’s Got Talent. It reminded me of what I think it must be like to be at Costco on Black Friday! There were people everywhere and the energy of nervousness and excitement was palpable… I met singers, dancers, comedians, stunt men, animal psychics, ventriloquists and even an arrow catcher!

writing blogs I brought six of my original cast members to back me up in their dirndl aprons, knee socks and rose petals. All but two of us decided to ride down together since it was a relatively short drive and my sister came along in support. Originally I had been told since I had a scheduled audition time, I would be in and out of there in two hours, so I let everyone know to plan accordingly. My sister intuited she needed to take her car since she had very important plans at 6pm that night, but I assured her we would be done in plenty of time.

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go Have you ever told someone something and then found out it wasn’t true? YIKES? About thirty minutes prior to my audition time, I got a call from one of the cast members saying she had wrecked her car just minutes away from the event. She was crying and very upset. I asked if she was hurt. She said no. I asked her if her car was okay. She choked, “No, I don’t care about the car. It’s a piece of crap. I just don’t want to miss the audition!” And she broke down again. I assured her I would call Jeff, the other person who was bringing his own car and we would make the best of it. Luckily, I got him when he was not far away from her at all, so he agreed to do the ‘friend fetch.’ They arrived with 8 minutes to spare. Little did I know that glitch was just setting the tone for the whole day! BREATHE! We got our wristbands and were sent upstairs to fill out the necessary paperwork and then lead to a waiting area. In a few minutes, we followed the AGT volunteer downstairs where we were immediately told to go back upstairs. The Older Ladies parade turned and retraced its steps. We sat down in the waiting area with a hundred other people who were trying their best not to let their nerves get to them. The clock ticked by and when 12:40 rolled around, I decided to ask. Even though it was crowded, they seemed to have the system nailed, so I wondered if something was amiss. Sure enough, in the shuffle, our paperwork had been misplaced.

role of mass media in education essay The others members in my cast visited with people around them, but I meditated so as not be overwhelmed by the pounding in my chest and the sweat on my palms. I gave instructions that I I wanted them to come in the back door to the room at the end to keep the element of surprise to the yodeling part. (It’s always better to have a surprise ending!)

follow link We were finally called in and I handed the CD to the man sitting behind the table. No sooner had I entered, the rest of the cast did too, right after I had given specific instructions not to. Breathe! “Oh my gosh,” I said to the producer I was auditioning for, “My cast just ruined your surprise ending!”

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follow site One of my friends said sheepishly, “We were told to get in here, NOW.”

get link “No worries.” I replied calmly on the outside and shrugged my shoulders.

schools homework help The gracious producer grinned and made a joke which broke the tension and created a sense of fun and ease. I gave him the CD and of course, it did not work in the player. He suggested we go find an alternative solution and come back in. No one with me had the song without my vocals because they needed the vocal tracks to be able to sing their parts! Luckily, I had it on my computer, but my computer was all the way down in the van! I needed some fresh air after all that, so I asked for the keys to the van we rode down in, grabbed my sister and we went to get my computer. Of course neither of us have any sense of direction and were a little on edge, so when we got to the parking lot, we had no idea where we had parked! As I said, a comedy of errors.

source I came back and the assistant said they were about to break for lunch and we had to go in next no matter what. ‘Okay,’ I thought, “I’ll do it acapella if Cathy doesn’t get back in time.” Of course she didn’t, so off we went. I sang. They laughed. A good time was had by all. They interviewed me for a bit and I joked around and had fun. As I was about to leave, the producer called me back. “Okay,” he said. “I am sending you onto the next round, but don’t walk in there so casually and act like everyone is your best friend. You have to be a little more professional and walk out there like you’re in front of 8 million people.

thesis casino design “Agreed,” I smiled kind of bashfully. “Thank you!”

software to grade essays He nodded and told me where to go and that it would be about a 30 minute wait.

enter site Ha.

follow Now, no one has eaten anything and it’s approaching 2:30 so stomachs are rumbling and blood sugars are creating a bit of edginess. The people in my cast and my sister who had previous plans are starting to get nervous as the clock ticks on and on. After nearly an hour, I tell the woman at the desk they told me 30 minutes and she just laughed. “There’s still several acts in front of you!” “Okay. Okay.” I comfort myself, “Don’t stress. Meditate. All is well. ARRRRGHHH! No! Shhhh. Breathe. Don’t stress. Meditate. All is well… ARRRRRGHHHH!” We lost my sister and two of my back up singers before we got to go in to the audition for the biggies. It was nearly 3:30pm when my name was finally called. I thought my heart would jump out of my chest. I walked in and there were two producers, a woman and a man and two technical people. They chatted with me for a moment and asked me about the success of ‘Older Ladies’ and what my normal job was. I was breathing, but not very deeply. Boy, I do not enjoy being that nervous!

It was time to audition and they started the music. It was way too low and I could not hear. I was singing, but could tell I was off. I stopped. I was honest. “I cannot hear the music. Could you please turn it up and let me start over?” BAM, BAM, BAM, went my heart against the wall of my chest. They agreed.

I sang. I did my best. The woman smiled throughout. The man was stone faced. It ended and they talked to me a little more. I tried to keep centered, but after all that, it was quite the task. They thanked me and I walked out, leaving my computer behind! “Excuse me.” the technician said. “Your computer.”

“Oh, yes!” I blushed. And out of my mouth came my exit line. “My next song is called Age Related ADD.” And that was that. They asked me to stay yet again and do a little more filming, so I sent my cast on their way and told them I would figure out how to get home on my own.

At 8:30 pm, I was more wiped out than I have been in eons and asked the cute, young cowboy singer who I had made friends with earlier to drop me off in Oakland on his way to Petaluma.
I really have no idea if they will choose me. I will find out in two to three weeks. Of course I’d like to be chosen, but there’s also that part that says, “Oh, mom! That was WAY too stressful. Can’t we just do house concerts? Maryanne Williamson said we’re not afraid of our darkness, but of our light. I can relate to that right about now.

So, say prayers if you do that kind of thing. Wish me luck if you don’t. Any and all support is welcome.


I’m really okay, either way. I don’t believe in mistakes or failures anymore… just opportunities to be gentle and to learn to become more gracious.

My love to you all,