Donna Lou Stevens - Older Ladies Song
Donna Lou Stevens - Older Ladies Song


enter site To many, it may look like I am an over night success with ‘Older Ladies’ my first ever music video, but there’s a lot more to the story and the woman behind it than meets the eye. The joie de vivre that is seen consistently in my photos was hard won and well deserved.  

see Born in Austin, TX, I came into this world with a fiery spirit, a gypsy heart and a creative streak that made everyone who knew me well think I was bound for fame. We all thought it would happen a lot earlier in my life and for years I was resentful it hadn’t. What I did not understand is that all along, I was being taught about what to sing.

essay on my mother in hindi As a child, most of people closest to me didn’t understand me and were completely overwhelmed by my wild, fully-expressed nature. Many tried everything possible to tame me and make me fit into a paradigm I neither understood or liked. I put up a big, big fight for a long, long time but in the end, it was a battle I couldn’t win.

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follow site Conforming to who other people wanted me to be was like walking around in a coat that was many sizes too small. I was constantly agitated and deeply uncomfortable. I had this massive amount of powerful, raw energy that wanted to be expressed, but it was repeatedly squashed into a little bitty body and had nowhere to go. I didn’t have the eyes to see it was the coat that was the problem, not the person in it, so I came to believe there was something terribly wrong with me and I grew to hate myself.

provides custom written term papers All that energy that could have been used to create magical things and express love turned in on itself and was used to fuel a false story of great deficiency, a 20 year eating-disorder and 35 year bout of intense, physical pain. The incredible gifts I was born with to be of benefit to the world became devices I used get something from it instead. I used my talents to feel better about myself, to get attention, to feel special, worthy and loved because I had completely forgotten I already was.

thesis committee This seemingly tragic journey became so intense and the physical pain so difficult to bear, I walked around for two months deciding whether to take my life or dedicate it to figure out how to love it.  

here I did not have the courage to do the first and chose the latter. I could not physically work so I made my full-time job dismantling the limited beliefs that held my suffering in place. The journey of running from pain turned into one of turning towards it and coming home to self-love. This is what I sing about now, that journey home to love. There was and is no room in my artistic closet for giving voice to anything limiting. I will not lend it to sing of pain, sadness, heart break or what’s wrong with the world. My promise is that when my songs are heard, they will be songs of what I now know to be true, that we are all incredibly beautiful beings, worthy of love, no matter what.

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go to link People have always said they cannot get my songs out of their heads. I heard that so often, I took responsibility for what I wanted to put in there! The answer is joy. The answer is love. The answer is worthiness and celebration. That’s what I want for myself and everyone on this planet. I was a butterfly all along and thought I was a worm. I believe everybody has wings and most everyone has just forgotten like I did. My job as a performer and musician is to remind people of that fact.

enter I reckon that’s the best job in the whole wide world. I am so grateful.

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  1. go Donna, I love the song “older ladies”. Is it available in sheet music form? I sing with a ladies trio and we are all “older ladies” and this one could be really fun for us to do. A friend sent me the link and I love it.

  2. essay on helping poor people Have faith, the joy you give to the world is more than you can know. Be strong.

    reflection essay Wild Clowns

    follow link “Why don’t bears eat clowns?” he asked me,
    his upper lip curling into smile.
    I chuckled, “I don’t know,”
    and with a giggle he said,
    “because they taste funny! ”
    I sat next to him taking his hand into mine;
    “That’s a great joke,
    can I make an observation?
    Somewhere, someplace, sometime,
    a bear must have licked a clown
    to know that they taste funny.
    That must have been in a circus because in all my days
    I have never seen a clown in the woods.
    I have looked for them from Louisiana to Alaska
    and never glimpsed red suspenders and yellow hair
    leaping over underbrush paddle–footing away
    in a honking rush to elude my camera.
    It is said that the wild clown is extinct!”
    The lad gripped my hand tightly,
    “Why did they die out?”
    ” I believe it was when people forgot
    how to laugh and began to ridicule
    the ridiculous as having no worth.
    We pawned our hearts for merchandise
    and being became a franchise,
    therapy, an industry.
    Wild clowns eat joy and the world starved them out.
    Time was when they use to roam in troupes
    and appear at the outskirts of towns
    to perform their slapstick.
    But laughter turned to chuckles
    and chuckles to grins,
    and grins to apathy,
    and they wandered into the dark woods
    and painted tears upon their cheeks.
    No wild clown has been seen again.
    But they may be alive,
    so here’s what you must do:
    Laugh as much as you can.
    See the ridiculous in everything.
    And each evening
    put your joy in a bowl
    and leave it at the edge of the woods
    and maybe, just maybe. ” Copyright Daniel Kantak

  3. what is a synthesis essay Your video was so like a breath of fresh air to me. So many things expressed aside from the words even. So much sass, so much joy, I started smiling, then laughing, I loved it….I want more! You made my Sunday! Best wishes and hoping you do more

  4. english paper revision Thank you so much! . . I, at 62, can majorly relate to every word I just read here . . as probably a lot of folks. Heard Calistoga mentioned in one of your songs. I grew up in Santa Rosa but am now an Oregonian. I am grateful for YOU and hearing your songs!

  5. Just happened upon your song on a face book post tonight. Read you website. Marvelous. I can so much relate. I also sing and write songs and have spent way too much of my life trying to gain the approval of others. Thanks for your honesty. Go girl!

  6. Donnalou, my wife Isabelle and I love your video. Please keep on singing. We do it in our song circle in Ottawa, Canada, where the host begins and everyone takes a turn or requests a song. Of course, our choreography, dance, timing and singing are no match for yours. (Well, maybe Neville Miller, Gail Anglin and Tom Lips could compete, but the rest of us would concede defeat!)

  7. You are a wonderful, vibrant and amazing woman, and I absolutely love what you stand for. Thank you for making me feel proud about who I am and how I look. God bless you!

  8. thank you for a wonderful story of self discovery and recovery. Our group of Uke playing women love your song and hope to play it in our little group together. Thanks again xx

  9. Donnalou, you are an Angel put here by Higher Power to enrich those around you even thousands of miles away! May the love in your voice reach tired ears, fill lonely hearts and bring joy to tearful eyes.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us out here, and yes the songs stays in ones head lol 🙂

  10. Dear Donnalou, I looked you up because I loved your song and could relate to it. I want to tell you that I am very moved by your description of feeling trapped in a coat that was too small. What a wonderful metaphor. You have a gift for communicating and your joy in life is quite contagious. I want to thank you for inspiring me on my journey to break out of my own chrysalis.

  11. Scott R. is one of my oldest friend and he told me to check out your site! I am glad I did. You are a very talented lady and way two funny!

  12. Can I purchase a copy of piano/vocal for Older Ladies song? I want to sing it for a ladies’ group meeting in a month.

  13. You speak to me, Donnalou. I want to hear your songs every day. You are very talented as a singer, a writer and as an artist.

  14. Inner and outer beauty, great talent and the fact that you share it with the world make you an amazing human being. Just bought the CD and saying great thanks for wonderful work.

  15. That’s some pretty deep stuff but I really like your attitude. I’m an older guy and have had my share of both joy and pain. Now I will try to take a page from your book and leave all the pain behind.
    P.S. You are Gorgeous.

  16. Similar story here. It’s nice to be over 50 and all of a sudden start accepting and liking ones self. I feel sorry for anyone that hasn’t happened to. Great work, and congrats on all of the recent success.

  17. What a great song!! I can relate to these words and music. Gotta sing it now….so sassy and bold….and why not… Me at 67 I want to join you and all the older ladies in the world to sing out loud and strong…we ARE beautiful and worth it. Your song is the confirmation…well done you wonderful old lady. From Australia XXXXX

  18. Donna,your first vid is fantastic…it is very cheerfull and funny…my wife is a country singer and she thought it was great..i hope you put out more..we have liked and joined your page..

  19. Hi Donnalou! Older Ladies is a great song! I’m an 85 year old widower and I wanna git me one!

  20. Donnalou—I am a member of a Red Hat Chapter and we are an ‘Older Ladies’ Belly Dance troupe that performs at nursing homes, retirement centers and health expos. We love your song and would like permission to choreograph a dance to it please. Thank you for your considerations.

    1. Look on my channel. There’s another video with the lyrics and there are subtitles below the video
      in a few languages!
      I am sure they are on line now too, if you just search for them.

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